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If you have a home in St. Charles Illinois and are thinking of putting it on the market, there are several things you must consider. Perhaps the most important is who you hire to market your home. Making the wrong choice on a real estate agent could end up costing you big. One of the biggest services your agent should render is to market your home. Here’s where agents differ the greatest. Some agents don’t have a very well-thought-out marketing program – they are the kind who list your home, put a sign in the ground and hope it sells.

Other agents have canned marketing plans that their corporate office has trained them to explain to you step-by-step. These sound great, but what if you’re goals are different than those of the marketing plan?

What I mean is – if you need to move in 30 days, a marketing plan that takes 60 is useless. On the other hand, if you have more time to sell your home and are looking for the most money, a 30-day plan with built-in price reductions isn’t the best.

That’s where my Extreme Marketing System comes in. With my system, you get the best marketing we can provide all tailored to fit your goals. As part of my system, your input will be important in setting up a custom plan that fills all your individual real estate needs. Plus, you can count on:

St. Charles Real Estate
St. Charles Real Estate Some of the best print advertising in the industry
St. Charles Homes Cutting edge internet marketing including a custom website –
St. Charles Homes Premium advertising on REALTOR.COM and in our Multiple Listing Service property database
St. Charles Homes A custom home value analysis and market-prep walk-through
St. Charles MLS Weekly follow-up and summary reports

Plus much more. And, one of the best features of my Extreme Marketing System is that I’m able to offer these services to you for a rate that’s lower than most of my competitors. Please contact me for further details about my system and to set up a consultation. Remember – it’s who you hire that counts. Choose to work with the best – fill out the simple form below and I’ll contact you promptly to discuss your individual real estate needs.